Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Little Dull

Ok, here is a dull "the" in soft greys. I think it works with "RULES." Now the real fun begins.. making the remaining letters completely unique.

(I bought an iron at one of the big box stores on my way to work yesterday morning.)


Dolly said...

Been there, done that.......the iron must prevail !

Nice grey letters........I have a grey quilt playing around in my head. It won't play outside yet !

Quiltdivajulie said...


I have a new iron downstairs from one of the big warehouse box stores (for ironing DH's shirts - woo hoo - not so much)

I need a new iron upstairs in the studio - the one I have (that used to be downstairs) leaks and sputters and creaks ... I need to visit T-A-R-J-AAAAAA-Y during my lunch hour (especially since the sun is shining today).

p.s. Very glad the black bits work (I also think I know more about why you gravitate to whites for your backgrounds...)

Megan said...

Glad you got the iron sorted out, Lynne, but I did like the notion - tabled over on Millie's blog - that she could heat herself up in her electric cat cup and then sit on your seams to flatten them. You know - if you'd been willing to be patient, I think it could have worked!

Sydney, Australia

Sharon said...

I think your "the" in greys works beautifully. It gives the impression of metallic, stiff and severe - just like rules! Very apt.

Glad you got the new iron. I do wish someone would make one just for quilters. Mine only seem to last about a year before they just up and croak. Always at the wrong time - which is when I'm using it!

LizA. said...

I like it. It works so much better than the brighter version -- definitely downplays "rules".

Clare said...

Pleased about the iron. I've got an old Rowenta that was a present. Very heavy and is brilliant for opening up seams. I'm dreading the day it dies.

I'm loving your "new look". Black is a wonderful colour for backgrounds.