Thursday, December 9, 2010


No, really. Curtains. Before I moved the studios around last summer, this room had red curtains. They were too dark for a sewing studio, so I moved the ones (with cranes) from the old sewing studio with me and put the red ones in the other room. But they made THAT room too dark. I didn't want to go through the rigmarole of choosing fabrics for curtains for that room.I had bought some white fabric with tiny colored dots on it that I had planned to use in Julie's quilt, but the dots were too tiny and wimpy for use in that quilt, so I put it away with the rest of the fabric in the stash. Last weekend I made new curtains for the "new" sewing studio
I am happy with them. They let in more light (the room faces northwest and needs all the light it can get), and I put the other curtains back in the other room.

I now have no more excuses to get to work on a couple of projects that need to be completed by Christmas.

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