Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fox Finish!

I've finished sewing the binding on the Quick Brown Fox. I still have to finish sewing the hanging sleeve, so hopefully that will be done tonight.I work hard to make sure my quilts are "square:" all four corners perfectly 90 degrees, the length of the sides is equal, and that the quilt likes perfectly flat. It's a nice feeling when it's folded in quarters (like above) and the corners and edges all match up.

Millie, as always, is giving the quilt a thorough Quality Assurance inspection.


3anklebiters said...

i volunteered for several years at the county fair needle arts department and the sheer number of quilts that did not have square corners or sides of the same (or even similar) length was alarming.

Anonymous said...

Millie looks quite comfortable, are you sure she will let you hang it?