Monday, November 8, 2010

Back to Back

I like to take pictures of the back of my quilts. The is the back of my colors quilt.You can click the photo to enlarge, and then click again for more detail. And yes, all my quilts are this neat on the back.

Speaking of back... here is the fabric I have chosen for the backing of the quilt.

I am stuck on a name for this quilt. I like "Nine by Nine" but it doesn't really tell anything about it. I can just hear viewers "nine by nine what?" So I am still thinking.


Jenny said...

Are there any nine-letter words that mean colorful, vibrant, many-hued, etc? Because that would be awesome!

(My quick search doesn't turn up anything worth considering (variegate, hue cycle) but it seems like a thought that might help.

Jenny said...


autumnesf said...

Nine a day keep the drearies away? Too long. Cant wait for the final reveal and the name. This has been a fun process to watch!

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt you will come up with the perfect name. I don't think nine by nine is bad, no ideas coming yet.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Nine x Nine draws the viewer in to see why you chose that name ... nine words nine letters each ... OH!, I get it! Watching their reactions will be interesting indeed.

I like quilt names that lead a viewer into the quilt.

Like the idea of a nine letter word for a name, too.

Dolly said...

I like that last comment.....and the name "nine x nine" DOES have 9 letters !

Millie said...


"Nine x Nine"


Dionne said...

Nce quilt! I love word quilts.

Mary Keasler said...

WOW your neatness is amazing. I would be mortified if anyone saw the back of my piecework. However, I am now inspired to do much better.
And I really like the "nine by Nine" Makes people think

Margaret said...

Thanks for showing a slice of the background fabric ... like it a lot & bet it has more scribble colors. Think that Dolly's observation on "Nine x Nine" was pure genius!

Dolly said...

Thanks.......I DO ROCK !........but I can't take credit for the name. It was the commentor just before me, quiltdivajulie that wrote it that way first !

I'm still glad that you went with it though !