Thursday, October 14, 2010


I've ridiculously busy with all kinds of stuff. Here's a picture of the Maple tree in our back yard, taken through my kitchen window the other morning.

I do not get tired of looking at the leaves change colors every year. You can click the photo to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

Me, too! I love Autumn just for that reason, the color palette is never disappointing! My poor baby trees changed very quickly and all the leaves fell before I got pictures, seemed like they were there one day and gone the next.

Your tree is so full and beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!

Tine said...

Beautiful tree! We have a chestnut tree outside our living room windows, and I know exactly what you mean when you say, that you never tire of looking at the colors changing every season. It is amazing!

Dolly said...

Me, too !

Fall is my FAVORITE season, I never tire of the beauty....who could?

Had to make my view into my blog banner for a day or two. It's actually been 4 days since I took the shot and the tree is half-empty !