Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nine Letter Words on 10/10/10

You guys are terrific! I loved LIQUORICE, but here in the USA it is spelled LICORICE.

Dear Selvage Fairy, I already have a Q in TURQUOISE.

FUNNELWEB is a bit on the obscure side. I had similar problems with GYRFALCON.

PANTHERES (French version plural) would be good, but the words can't be 9 letters simply by being plural.

NIGHTHAWK, from Hopper's painting would be good, and has the added advantage of including a W and a K, which do not appear in my words as yet.

OBSIDIAN, has only 8 letters.

HOWEVER.... (7 letters)

I googled nine-letter words, and in addition to finding a link to one of my previous posts, deep in the list I found this: a Scrabble list of nine-letter words. OMIGOODNESS! You have to check it out, just because it is so amazing. I spent about twenty minutes browsing...

Here are just a -few- of the words that caught my attention, and not all of them are black..




DRIFTWOOD (this says GRAY to me, though)


HOMICIDAL (good word, but kinda grisly)


MONADNOCK (there is a mountain about an hour's drive away from my house that is called Mt Monadnock)



QUICKSAND (can you image the top half of the letters visible and the bottom half cut off?)

SACRILEGE (what can I say? I was raised Catholic)

SOAPSTONE (I'm pretty sure soapstone can be black, but this word says WHITE to me.)


XYLOPHONE (This is awesome... can you see this one in black-and-white fabrics...)

but the absolute BEST discovery, wasn't a black word at all. It was...


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The Selvage Fairy said...

I know brown isn't your favorite clor, but I can't believe none of us suggested chocolate until you found that whole list.
Sometimes you just can't see what is most obvious.