Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chocolate Sneak Peek

I'm playing with CHOCOLATE. I can have fun fussy-cutting the fabrics, but I think I need to push them a bit more. My son doesn't like my interpretation of this "O", which uses a white chocolate as the center of the "O". He doesn't think it "reads" like an "O" because the chocolate directly above the center has that white swirl. I agree the letter doesn't quite work, but I think it's because it is too big. I'm going to keep tinkering.

Here's a bit of colors trivia. This is how many times each letter of the alphabet appears in the colors quilt.

A 7
B 1
C 4
D 2
E 9
F -
G 4
H 5
I 7
J -
K 1
L 4
M 5
N 6
O 7
P 2
Q 1
R 5
S 2
T 4
U 3
V 1
W 1
X -
Y -
Z -


Anonymous said...

I only have one comment to make---YUMM!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Paul is right - that swirl begs to be in the center of the letter.

You are also right - the letter O is not tall enough for the current width (or maybe it is because it isn't fully aligned and stitched to the adjacent letters?).

Have fun tinkering ... that's one delicious word in the works!!