Tuesday, September 21, 2010


OK, it's another nine-letter word. I kinda had a plan when I cooked up this idea, but it took on a mind of it's own and got carried away. I'm trying to catch up, and after about a week, I think I have it figured out.

This one is slightly smaller than the others. It's 36" across. It's different from the first two in that there is a bit more attention paid to how the fabrics are arranged in each letter. (Translation, the R, I's, O and to some extent, the N are fussy-cut.)

Here are the three words together.

Anybody like to guess the next word in the sequence? The only prize is bragging rights.

Have fun!


Mary K said...

Could it be, "Tangerine"?
They look fun. Maybe I might try one later.
I like them.

Sylvie said...

I love your pieced letters!
Here is my guess for the next words: orange,mandarine,magenta,citron,??? (I am 100% sure it will be in French)

Millie said...

Mary K, "Tangerine" would be completely acceptable, as it meets all the requirements, but that's not it.

Sylvie, Vous vous trompez.

marilyn said...

When I saw Vermilion, I immediately thought of Vermilion, Ohio, near where my daughter goes to school in Oberlin. That is a lovely little town, with great ice cream shops and cute little curio shops and a little beach to get your feet wet. I was a little disappointed not to see pictures of the town, but good job on the word anyways. I have no guess on what you are up to! You are way too creative for me!!!

Hilda said...

Chartreuse? But then it has 10 letters, and not nine!

Anonymous said...


Arnden said...

My guesses...
orange - tangerine
yellow - goldenrod
green - verdigris
white - alabaster

Evelyn said...

I was going to guess cantalope, until I figured out it's actually spelled cantaloupe (and thus 10 letters). Maybe its cousin, muskmelon? Oh, or butternut (as in the squash)?

The Selvage Fairy said...


scraphappy said...

How about terracota?

Millie said...

Cerulean is a blue, but blue is already taken.

Chartreuse, you got it, 10 letters.

Tangerine... very good, but just a bit too obvious.

Muskmelon doesn't make me think of orange.

Cranberry would be good, but Red is already taken.

Terra Cotta is two words, and 10 letters.

Arden, I am still wrestling with "Goldenrod", but bless you, "Alabaster" -- AWESOME! Thank you !

Deborah said...