Sunday, August 29, 2010


I paired up about half the pieces for Astrid's quilt, and sewed them up into blocks. Usually I make pairs almost randomly and then match two sets of pairs into a block. This time I only have twelve fabrics, and since each block has 8 pieces, I felt it was important to be more careful in assembling the pieces into blocks so as to achieve a more successful result in the end.
Millie, of course, had to help too.

I make my living as a Geek, and in one of the discussion support groups of which I am a member, one user asked, "Off-Topic, What do you do for fun?" I drew quite a response when I wrote, "I make quilts. You know, I take big pieces of fabric and cut them up into small pieces of fabric and then sew them up into big pieces of fabric again..."

This quilt is certainly an example of that.


Tangos Treasures said...

Wow that's so pretty! And of course Millie is too!!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Using your tutorial and working on my blocks ... will be 3 x 4 plus borders . . . today is chop chop day.

Susan R said...

I had to laugh at your answer to the question Lynne. When I say the same thing to my friends, some get that glazed over look and just nod and say, "Oh". Only another quilter would understand. lol

I love the blocks. I see chop-choping in my future. Thanks for sharing your inspiration and of course sweet Millie!

Susan R

Cherie said...

Love that picture of Miss Millie. Looks like she's giving you the evil eye, lol. More like she's saying, "Put that little flashy box AWAY."