Monday, July 5, 2010

Side Trip to Astrid

Last week, after I bought the fabrics for Astrid's quilt, I washed them all, and as I was ironing them I thought, I might as well cut the pieces. So I did. Here are the creams.... (ignore that spool fabric at the top)And here are the brights...Last night, my son came over after his orchestra practice, and we sat in my air-conditioned bedroom and he played his cello. I got out my lap desk, my portable cutting board and pinned up some of the blocks.
I had to cut one long piece in half, and pin each half to one square.
To my left, the fabrics, already matched, and those that were already pinned.
To my right, my pin tin. This morning, I sewed the blocks I had pinned, and pressed them.
After standing up most of the day working on Julie's quilt, it was nice to relax in air-conditioned comfort and spend time with my son.

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