Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sewing Studio Shuffle

You can't always tell how a room will work when you plan it. You have to actually work in it to find out if it really suits your style.
Although I liked the sewing machine in front of the window, it was awkward moving from the sewing machine to the ironing table, to the work table, and then back to the sewing machine. So I moved the sewing machine in the corner. Which is where it was in my original plan. The work flow is much better now.
I have installed homosote panels on the walls behind the French doors. On the wall nearest my work tables I hung my plexiglas templates, cutting rules and triangles.

I've also installed bookshelves in another corner, and have some other changes planned.


Jackie said...

I always feel better after reorganizing and straightening things up! Looks great!

Cindy said...

Looks good. I just moved started arranging a new room and you do have to work in it first to know if it fits.

Helen said...

Oh my oh my oh MY Lynne! I don;t what I like more, the wall with all your rulers on it, very impressive! Or that funky quilt hanging right near your machine! COOL!!!