Monday, May 17, 2010


My concept for the word "FUN" was always to make each letter out of several different fabrics, but I planned to line them up straight. As I made each letter, I set them on the floor of my studio. My cat Millie would run over them all on her way into and out of the room. During one particularly energetic run, she knocked the letters all over the place. The letters for the word "FUN" were all askew.
I sewed them up just the way she "arranged" them for me. She's a wonderful cat, that Millie!

Now I can't -show- you what I am making for Tonya, but Tonya already knows -what- I'm doing, she just doesn't know what it -looks- like. That means I -can- tell you what I'm doing!

After I made all the letters for Helen's Rules
, I was a bit stumped about the layout, so I sent some pictures to my quilting buddies. Tonya asked if I would do a "Rules" quilt top for her, but with bright letters on a white background.

Well, like duh!

Actually, this letter made from Ruler fabric didn't make the cut!


Exuberant Color said...

so that makes Millie and artist too? She did a great job!

Quiltdivajulie said...

I can only imagine what goes on inside your head when you have a completed swap to share, a current swap you cannot photo yet, and more yet to come . . . what a glorious swirling of colors!!

Millie should get some extra nip for her 'consulting' work!

Charline said...

I LOVE the ruler fabric!! Can you tell me who makes it, please?