Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Inspiration pops up in the most unusual places.

Yesterday, it showed up in my bathroom.

As you know, my bathroom is painted school-bus yellow. My bath towels are a brick red, maybe a burgundy. this particular hand towel is a purple. The washcloth is an orange sherbet.* I tossed the damp washcloth up on the shower edge to dry, but I missed, and it fell down and landed near the towels on the rack.

WOW! What an eye popping explosion of color! I can't wait to try it. It reminds me of some advice I read in a book about needlepoint once. The author wrote that she never sorted her needlepoint yarn by color, because this allowed colors to fall next to each other and create color combinations she would never expect.

The intense colors don't even show up in this photo. The orange is too light, the purple too blue.

Anyway, these colors excite me.

*I hate color names because they're subjective. The bath towel is really a dark warm red, the hand towel is a dark blue-violet and the orange is a light, bright orange-yellow.


Clare said...

The colours may not show up that well, but they are still fantastic. A big explosion indeed.

Jackie said...

So true, we can get our inspiration from so many places! This is a great example and wonderful colors too.

Blogless me said...

Sumptuous, yummy, warm (except for the school bus ;-)) !

Judith said...

What a great combo. Go with it gal. Looking forward to seeing your results

Sara said...

Oh, I see a trip to Quilted Treads with those items in tow...