Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday Fill In The Blank

I've been rearranging the blocks for the Wonky Housing Development Quilt. (This quilt needs a better name, by the way. I am open to suggestions.) I had this blank space that needed filler. It was about 6 inches wide by about a dozen inches tall.
This cheerful home sewer/quiltmaker gave me my answer. She's surrounded by stringed instruments. One of my blog friends, Trish, found this beautiful red fabric at a good price and sent me four yards. She knows my son and nephew play cello.

More house blocks tomorrow. There will be 21 houses in the quilt, well, one's a rocket, and there are girls and boys and lots of cats and trees and some hearts. But get a good look, because you'll be seeing less and less of it as I finish it up. It has to be a surprise for the little boy it is being made for.

I'll be delivering the finished quilt at his christening, which has not been scheduled yet.


Clare said...

I love that block.

I hope we will eventually be allowed to see the finished article?

Millie said...

Yes, in January.

Mr. Karate said...

i see cellos!

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wonky neigpurrhood

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