Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stick Bags 4 & 5

Here are karate stick bags numbers 4 and 5. Apparently they were a big hit at the studio. These two are 3" wide, 2" deep, and 30" tall. The strap is situated so the bag can be slung over the shoulder or across the back.

There is a stick bag # 3, but it didn't stick around long enough for its photo shoot. (Pun intended.)


Jean said...

What a great idea...I am guessing you will have some orders for these.

Deborah said...

A whole new industry! I like the way you used 2 fabrics. The girl can sew.

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

I saw on Roxy's blog that a woman liked(wanted) PlusOne's stick because it was so lovely. I agree!
However,after seeing the dragon fabric, I think the stick bags will be even MORE popular!!!!!!!!!!!!
Those bags are awesome!

Sharon said...

These are beautiful! I can see why they'd be popular. Hope you can keep up with demand!