Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bee Happy Wonky House

A friend sent me the darling "Bee" fabric I used as the background of this house. I don't usually like cutesy stuff, but this was just too charming not to include.
I've got a layout I like for the Wonky House Quilt, and I'll be making some blocks of hearts and trees to fill up the funny spaces. Millie is helping, as you can see.


Deborah said...

This is my favorite! Deborah = busy bee. I love bees AND you used the ruler fabric. AND there is a cat in the window! I didn't tell you and I'll post the photos soon, but Millie was in the window on one of my blocks. The kids were looking over the quilt and yelled, "It's Millie and Rusty!" I hope they all read at the end of 2nd grade, but for sure they are cat lovers.

Mary said...

I have to say it is very cute. What would we ever do without our "helpers" who love to fluff the blocks :)

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