Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sewing Studio Video Tour

You asked for it. OK, maybe you didn't ask. Here's a quick tour of my sewing room. It's a small room, barely 8-1/2 feet by 10 feet (about 2.4 x 3.0 meters). It's clean, and as all you quilters know, the sewing room never stays this pristine, so take a good look.

Keep an eye out for these things:

1. Plastic bins with little scraps sorted by color.
2. The template for my hand I used in the Alphabet Sampler Quilt.
3. The disappearing nine patch quilt.
4. The sock kitty Monty and the two Millies.
5. The Laughing Out Loud Quilt, and the fabric for its backing and binding.
6. Gwen Marston & Freddy Moran's books.
7. Gina's gorgeous quilt from Doll Quilt Swap 5.
8. A great use for a magnetic knife rack.
9. My selvage tote bag.
10. Several photographs of my son, with one memorable acrobatic pose.
11. My plexiglas strips
12. My first attempt at sculpture.
13. A little perl.



Sherry said...

You did a great job. Loved seeing other peoples space.

GloJoeSews said...

Wow, great sewing studio! The key seems to be very organized. Do you always sew in there? I have a sewing room but most of the time end up sewing on the kitchen table! lol

Marit said...

Thank you for inviting me! Organizing is an important part of quilting, as stash and scraps grow... I love all your little bins. And Millie has a very nice spot, too!

Callie said...

You have a wonderful space to sew and create! And Millie has some great space too. Love your studio.

Millie said...

GloJoeSews, I -always- sew in the sewing room. Why would I sew anyplace else? The only exception is when I am adding the binding to a large (bed sized) quilt. Then I take the sewing machine to the dining room table, because it's easier to maneuver a big quilt.

luv2quilt2 said...

Your quilting studio is so very well organized. I love all the little bins. I have to admit, though, I throw away more scraps than I save.

Sarah said...

great video! i enjoyed your tour, but i didn't get to paw thru your bins and sit down and sew with you! next time maybe ; )

Quilt Pixie said...

looks like you make great use of the space -- everything has a home.

Exuberant Color said...

Thanks for the tour. It is definitely cleaner and more organized than mine even after I have tidied it up.

Melody said...

Nice video. I love seeing other peoples studios. Thanks for sharing. My studio is always a mess.

larry7pokey said...

Thank you for sharing your space! I loved your list, I felt like I was playing "I Spy". I saw the acrobatic kick- : } pokey

Piwacket said...

Thank you for the wonderful tour and commentary. My momcat is about your age and understands the need for a fan all too well! Like you, she really uses her label maker a lot. What a key that is to organization. The most important thing is that you made lots of comfy space available for Millie. BTW, you have a very nice voice.

Sara said...

I really like your sewing has everything to keep you happy!!!

Puffie said...


meg said...

I use a large plastic salad bowl to collect scraps and thread bits; I've never heard of a tissue box. I got the idea from watching Rachael Ray, as she always has a garbage bowl on the counter. And I thought I was so cleaver! I guess not!
What a great space!