Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's Option One

I've decided go to with the Teal fabric (option 1) on the house in yesterday's post. Here's why.

The house is intended to be representational of a typical house in New England. We have cold winters, so the roofs are usually dark, to absorb and hold in the heat. Brick is a traditional building material. The house is brick red.

was correct when she pointed out that the tonal values of the dark fabrics were too similar to the red to make an exciting contrast. That's true, but... The tipping point for me was driving home from work yesterday, looking at all the roofs on the residential homes in my area. The overwhelming majority have dark roofs.

Besides, I wanted a nice blue sky/background, and if I made the roof light, it would have not "read" as a roof, and been confusing.

Remember my house...
Dark roof.

Why not the other dark fabric? Because the dark blue green is a darker value of the lighter blue green I'll be using for the "sky," and it will make a more unified design. Also, the blue flowers on that dark brown looked too much like holes, and nobody likes a leaky roof.

So how come I didn't do any sewing? Because I was watching the tennis at Wimbledon. (Go Federer!) Don't look for anything on Friday morning either. I have to work very late on Thursday closing the fiscal month before the long holiday weekend.

Thanks for all your comments!


sewmeow said...

You house blocks are fantastic! and they are making me think of doing a house quilt! mmmmh!

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad! I just love it!!!!

Deborah said...

Looks perfect! I know one very spoiled kitty who is going to love it!