Friday, July 10, 2009

Here's Rusty!

The special Gizzy Quilt, "Where's Rusty?" has reached its intended destination, and its new owner is very pleased:

Within 10 seconds Rusty was off his chair and on the quilt. He sniffed it over and then made a face! I think he smelled a bit of Millie. He then rolled all over it and now it is his. I took some photos and will send them off this evening. From the first day we had Rusty, we have called him Houdini Kitty. He can be with you and then poof he is upstairs looking down at you. To see all the extra Rustys in the windows and the yard is our Houdini Kitty!

As you can see, I kept three of the four "Rustys" hidden until the quilt was received by its owner. Can you find all four? You can click the photo to enlarge. (sorry it's not as sharp as it could be.)


On a side note, my son has changed his mind. Now he wants the Sunshine Quilt quilted. AND he doesn't want to see it until it is finished. Which means I can't post about it until it is done.



Mishkat said...

I really like how this came out - the three Rusty's are great!

Susan said...

Very cute! I love the kitties in the windows!

I'm working on a "surprise quilt" right now too. It sure makes blogging interesting when you can't show what you are working on!

pwl said...

Yay - I found the fourth Rusty - without even enlarging the photo! LOL

Derby said...

I found the four Rusty's. Wasn't that hard.