Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tell-All Tuesday

Here's where I am so far with the "teeny" pink house. It's about five inches across right now.

For those of you who have been asking....

Mimi... No, these are not paper pieced. They are free-pieced. No patterns at all. I have a drawing, and I look at the drawing and just "wing it." I use a rotary cutter and a ruler. I don't measure.

Susan... I had seen several lovely house quilts and wanted to make one for my prospective godchild, due later this year. I decided to draw some houses on copy paper and mail them to my "fairy godkids" and have them color them and send them back to me. The plan was that I would then interpret them in fabric.

Problem is, I couldn't wait, so I started coloring them, then interpreting my own colored ones in fabric.

My sister took a few house drawings on Sunday. Today she called me at work, "Do the trees have to be green?"

You can click the photos to enlarge.


belinda said...

Your houses are really great!!

Clare said...

I like the colours on this one.

Are you beginning to liberated your sister?

Millie said...

My sister is the very essence of liberated, all on her own. To her, there is no such thing as a 90 degree corner. Aside from a basic theme, like all Asian themed fabrics, for example, she totally "wings it" from start to finish.

And they come out great. Totally different from mine Check out my March 22, 2009 post to read about her.

I love her to pieces!

Mishkat said...

I think everyone should at least try free-piecing - it is so much fun (I am hooked). And I looked up the post about your sis and I love her pink quilt - that's my kind of quilt. (I get really bored using patterns!)

Mr. Karate said...

love the pink checkered house, on a diagonal! love love!

Dionne said...

I love your houses! I really like house blocks and your free-piecing looks fabulous!

susan said...

haha, i like your sister already!!! did you tell her no???
they are lovely!! cant wait to see the progress as it goes

solomi558 said...

Love all these houses--cottonreel