Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Primary House

Here is the second house based on one of KidBean's colored drawings.

I love KidBean's intuitive sense that the sky doesn't touch the ground. He's moved the horizon line up. This block is 17-3/4" tall and 12-1/2" wide.

The house really is this bright. True blue, purple, bright grass green, red-orange. I made two slight changes in the colors, mostly because I didn't have enough of a cool red "blender" fabric for the house. I used a slightly warmer red-orange. This necessitated a switch to a yellow-orange fabric for the windows instead of KidBean's selection of a true orange. If I had used a true orange, the windows would have almost disappeared.

KidBean's use of these vivid colors reminds me of Matisse's paintings, seen here and here.

I have sewn 15 house blocks so far, but I will probably only use the ones based on the children's colorings in the quilt for their baby brother. The whole point about the quilt is for the siblings to be involved. I might add one or two of my interpretations, but the quilt isn't about me. I do have other elements I want to include, including wonky letters, hearts and stars. You'll see.


Tracey said...

You'd better put one of your houses in there, you're family as well!

Milo and Alfie said...

A quilt made with pure love. Wonderful.

Deborah said...

It might be fun to photograph the originals and use for the label or frame somehow. Each block is just adorable.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

love it. fun colors and what a great way to collaborate