Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crooked Little House

I love this little house drawing. I decided this one would be a nighttime scene, so I chose a dark blue fabric with stars. Since the background was dark, the house fabric had to be lighter.

I thought, how about making the windows bright, like a party was going on inside? But then the phrase "red-eye" popped into my head. Since my best houses have been those with lots of wild prints, I decided to go full out with this one. I've also added a chimney and a tree.

I like the way the "ground" fabric looks like the light is streaming out of the house onto it.

This block is 19" tall and 17-1/2" wide.

You can click the photos to enlarge.

I'm now toying with the idea of adding hedges... and porches... and attached garages... to some houses.


Judith said...

Wow, where will it everstop. Don't forget the dog and cat in the garden to. Better stop there as I can see me getting carried away with all the possibilities. Think I just scrambled my brain. Keep going I can see your having such fun and I am enjoying the trip with you. Judith x

Joyce said...

This is the best one yet. Party on!

jovaliquilts said...

The grass -- wow!!! I love it. And I love the swirliness of everything. Such a great house! Is it for rent?

Kyra said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog and just wanted to tell you that these houses have inspired me so much!! I HAVE to finish the project I'm working on now, then I'm starting on some houses of my own! I check your blog everyday now to see if you have another finished.

belinda said...

this one is w-a-y cute!!

Rachel said...

Your little houses are adorable. What a fun way to use up scraps. The neighborhood will be great when it is complete!