Sunday, April 26, 2009

ROL block assembly

Now that I have the basic ROL (Reading Out Loud) blocks made, it's time to add the sashing. A finished unit is the block with sashing on two sides plus a corner block, like this:Every time I make a batch of blocks, I then added the sashing to one side. Now I am making the little side block with the colored corner.So, I'm lazy. When I got the sashing fabric, I cut it into 2-1/2" strips. As I made the colored blocks, I would set aside fabric bits that were about 3" square. As I cleaned my sewing table yesterday, I trimmed these little pieces 2-1/2" wide by whatever. Next, I sewed these little squares to one end of the long sashing pieces like this.Then I played matchmaker, choosing which sashing square would go with which block. Then I sewed them all up and trimmed them. I have made about 20 so far. Here are the first 9.I won't automatically add sashing to the triangular pieces I made the other day, because I haven't determined the final layout yet. And this whole on point with sashing business is complicated enough already. I am not a math whiz, and yes, I do know all about the instructions for all this math business on various sites like Bonnie's. I worked it all out and I -think- I have enough blocks for the quilt to be the size I want.* But if not, I'll make more.

Regular readers will know I don't quilt my quilts, and they don't even have batting. Just a top, a cotton backing and they are tied about every 4" - 6" with crochet cotton. The backing is folded up over the front edge and machine stitched down. This makes for a sturdy, lightweight quilt (washes like a dream, btw) that, in my family, lives on top of the top sheet (like this:)and underneath the blanket, so 99.99% of the time, nobody ever sees it. Which is certainly pretty hilarious.I suppose the name really should be Laughing Out Loud. Because if you think the front of the quilt is going to be loud, wait until you see the fabric I have chosen for the back. (Hint, hint.)

*How big will this be? Since this quilt will be used on my bed, I will want to tuck it in under the mattress at the bottom, the quilt will be the top of a double bed + 8" drop on each side and + 20" at the bottom. So I am going for about 70" x 92" and this is before the 4-1/2" border I am planning all around.


Jackie said...

Great system for the sashing! I really like how this one is turning out.

susan said...

i dont think your lazy, i think you are clever!! great idea. your blocks are looking so pretty, and i find it so funny that you dont quilt your quilts!

Mr. Karate said...

do enjoy laughing out loud as a name

jovaliquilts said...

I got behind in blogging, sorry, so am just catching up. Pardon me for being so late, but this b&w with brights is going to be fabulous!