Monday, March 30, 2009

Selvage Bag, Almost Finished

I had great pictures of the process of adding the divider and making the handles of my new selvage bag, but the camera's flash card went all crazy on me and I had to reformat it, so I lost all those pictures. Oh well.

I hadn't really worked out what I would do with the handles. I thought I would make them using some black and white fabric, but when push came to shove, I didn't like that idea, so I made them out of selvages. I cut two long pieces of foundation fabric 3" wide and added the selvages in varying widths. Then I sewed the long strips lengthwise, right sides together, trimmed the long edge and turned them inside out. After pressing them flat, I attached them to the bag.

Here's the inside of the almost finished bag.
My mother is in lust. I told her that after all the practice I've had with the first two, that hers will be -perfect-!

Yeah, she laughed too.

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Jean said...

I love your bags. I just made my first selvage was fun and a little bit addictive!