Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Homage to the Square

The other day I was with somebody somewhere and we were talking about quilts. "Why don't you work with curves?" this person asked.

"Because I'm not done with straight lines yet," was my reply. "Hell, I'm not even done with squares!"

"Will you ever be?"

"Probably not."Here is another seminole patchwork band. This is the same three strip band, every other one rotated 180 degrees, and then offset and resewn together. I've photographed it as it goes together, so you can see, because this one can be confusing.

To Bebe's Boutique, who said I must have my 1/4" seam down pat, I say, actually no. As long as you use a -consistent- seam throughout, you will be okay when you sew these together. My 1/4" seam is actually a bit wider, but since I always sew that seam consistently, and I don't get all worked up if a block is 14-1/4" instead of 14-1/2" I am not worried. (Because -all- the blocks will be 14-1/4" and that's the most important thing.)

Remember those points will all get cut off when the band is straightened out.

Here are all my finished bands, in all their repetitive "square" glory.Next up, adding strips to line the bands up, then sewing them all together somehow.Hmmm... which one of these two do I like better? This light blue with the calligraphic lines...or this one with the blue leaves?


Exuberant Color said...

They both work well. I guess it just depends on whether you want a lighter look or a darker look to the finished band.
All I remember about Seminole is all of those bias edges. I didn't mind them but a lot of my students couldn't handle it.

Bricoles Textiles said...

I prefer the second one with blue leaves ... definitively !
the first one is too light with the white squares next
(sorry for my english ...)

tell us about your choice.

Poppy Q said...

We like the top one with the light blue.

I would never have the patience for making such a clever and beautiful quilt.

Julie and Poppy Q

Iva said...

Both look great, but the leafy border adds more visual pop.
I'm loving your Seminoles!

Rachel said...

I really like that pattern...but I was wondering how you were going to put those together. Very pretty. I like the lighter blue.

Bebesboutique said...

I just love your work. Your seams no matter what size are very consistent. All the bands together look like peyote beading pattern. (I am a bead fanatic too)

I like the second darker border fabric.

Anonymous said...

I like the one with the blue leaves! Either would be wonderful! Hey, keep up the square work, whatever works for you and this sure does!! Fabulous!

Judith said...

They are both nice, either one would work. However, I think be bold and go for the darker one with leaves.

Carrie P. said...

Oh, they are glorious. I love the fabrics.

Mr. Karate said...

omg. i could cry. i'm so jealous, i love those colors.


i prefer the first.

Megger said...

I think they both look amazing! I love the light blue fabric though, so that is my pick :)

Helen from Hobart said...

I am a developing art quilter and I love your response to why no curves.

I keep getting asked why I haven't used lutrador or angelina or ... any of those other new materials art quilters are using

and my reply is "I haven't finished experimenting with quilting yet"
I am using shiny and transparent fabrics, but my basic medium is still stitching.
Will I ever get off stitching ? Like you I doubt it cos there's still so very much in my head that I haven't done on fabric yet.

Helen from Hobart
Tasmania, Australia