Saturday, March 21, 2009

Harder Than It Looks

1. Finish a doll quilt
2. Hold it up in the mirror
3. Take a picture
4. Don't use a flash because of the "hot spot"
(Take another picture)
5. Make sure to hold it high enough so the whole quilt is visible
(Take another picture)
6. Don't cover your face
(Take another picture)
7. Shine a light on the quilt so it shows up
(Take another picture)
8. Hold the quilt up higher
(Take another picture)
9. Stand on your tippy toes (because you're only five feet tall)
(Take another picture)
10. Don't hold the camera in front of your face
(Take another picture)
11. Smile
(Take another picture)
12. Hold still, dammit!

It's harder than it looks!

OK~ Just take a picture of the finished quilt.


Exuberant Color said...

I know what you mean about the picture taking. I take at least 3 and sometimes as many as 12 of each quilt and delete most.

Your little quilt turned out great!

Clare said...

Trying to take a photo of yourself is nearly impossible. I gave up when I kept on looking worse than normal LOL.

I love this quilt. I can smell and taste the sea salt.

Anonymous said...

You are so funny! Love it, the binding really completes it very well, just love it!!!!! Oh, you did a great self photo,too, and that ain't easy! (Ain't is southern slang for isn't(ha!ha!)

Trisha said...

Very funny! You and the quilt look great!

GARI said...

Oh, this sounded so much like me. I am just greatful that I now use a digital camera. Just remember what it was like when we shot with film and then had to wait to see what mistakes we made. Love the quilt.

Bebesboutique said...

You are so funny! Because We have all been there. Love that quilt!

mau said...

You funny..LOL

Mal* said...

This gave me a good chuckle. It's not enough to turn out amazing quilts -- we have to be pro photographers, too?

Love it.