Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bargello Vest

Over 25 years ago, when strip-piecing was in its infancy, and nobody but folks who did needlepoint knew anything about bargello, I made this vest for myself. (I loved needlepoint and bargello.)

It is strip pieced, and it was quilt-as-you go.It is made from three pieces, two fronts and a back. They were each made separately. (Meaning I didn't make one big panel and cut it apart.)The quilt is completely reversible, and is made without bulk in the side and shoulder seams.* The fabrics are all cotton and the batting is also 100% cotton.

*My biggest issue with quilted clothing is its bulk. It's hard to make a garment that's flattering when you use a filling and quilt it. I also dislike the bulky seams, so I devised a way of making this vest reversible, but eliminating the bulky areas where the sides meet and the shoulders join. I figured it out by myself, and I'm not telling.

Well, maybe. (Not sure I can remember, actually...)


Mimi said...

Awwww, come on!!! Don't tease us!!

Share, share! Inquisitive minds want to know!!

I'll be watching for your secret.

Judith said...

Thats not fair, we want to know the secret too.

Exuberant Color said...

It is very striking in the high contrast colors too. I remember the bulky patchwork vests and jackets in the 70's and 80's too.

Anonymous said...

I have just found your blog, and I worked out how to do those seams too. Wonder if it was the same way! I cannot remember how I did it either, so will have to come back to see if you remember and tell!