Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Liberated Log Cabins

Here are a few more liberated log cabin blocks. I am having -so- much fun with these, trying to select color combinations I might otherwise never use. I'm deliberately making the inner squares asymmetrical and off-center.

Last night I attended a meeting of the local quilters guild. I had never attended a meeting before, and I landed at a table with a nice group of women, one of whom looked vaguely familiar.

"Did you go to UNH," she asked? Yes. "What year did you graduate?" 1977. "You were in my class with Dan Valenza. You made a sculpture that was a loaf of bread."


Yes, yes and yes! The assignment had been to create something using an additive form of sculpture. I created a walnut half in bread. Professor Valenza loved things that were functional, so at the end of my talk about the piece, I pulled out a tub of butter and a knife, tore off a hunk of bread and demonstrated my sculpture's "functionality" by eating some. I can see why that would have been memorable.

The last part of the meeting was show and tell, and I was prepared. I brought Jasmine's Quilt and my little selvage bag with me.

Next time I'll bring the Alphabet Sampler Quilt (which I should finish tomorrow.)


Sharon said...

Your LCs are looking very good...they look fun!

I can see why your former classmate would remember you! What grade did you get on your sculpture??

jovaliquilts said...

I like your liberated log cabins! I have that white fabric with the wavy black lines (and have it in black with wavy white) and it's so interesting to see just a snippet as a center. You really have to think about how to use that particular fabric, or you could end up seasick!

Anonymous said...

Love your blocks!!!!! Love em, Love em, Love em!!!! !!!!!
Bella and Iris say 'hi'! Bella thinks she is a cat, I found her prancing around on my end table the other day, stealing what ever she could. My sister said she needed more of my attention! As if!!??!!?? Keep up the great work!

Millie said...

Sharon, It was 33 years ago, I have no idea!

Cheri, Yes, true! But I'm having a lot of fun with it.

Chris, you gotta take that girl for a walk every day so she can use up some of that energy.