Sunday, January 11, 2009


Gunny Mom suggested sunshine and Paula suggested stars. So I decided to use Belinda's little tutorial and make some mini stars.

These are only 3" tall, and I had a hard time with them, and now that I see them near the numbers, I think I can easily make them a little bit bigger.

Dot suggested pencils or crayons, which a coworker had also suggested, and that thought led me to the idea of spools of thread, which I like very much.

Derby and 3anklebiters, hold that thought about the punctuation marks. I've already got a plan for those, but not in this quilt.

I had always planned to have a cat on the right side of the house, in the empty spot below, so Magpie Sue and Maggie, you are on the right track.

I have finished my signature panel, and I like the idea of the yellow flower between the location and the date. And I've got more rows of "dots" planned to separate all the individual "panels."

Finally, please go visit Tanya. She's just finished a spectacular quilt with words, hearts, houses, Japanese kanji and original cat and dog free pieced blocks. It's filled with color, love and originality. It's a knockout!


Paula said...

Looking good!!!!

Lynda said...

The sampler is coming on so well! How big is it? Wall size or bed size?

Tanya said...

Thank you for the mention! Your quilt is beautiful too! So colorful! I recognize the butterfly! I'll have to try out those stars.