Friday, November 28, 2008

Tree Skirt Oops

I worked on my Christmas Tree Skirt. I made the quilt sandwich and tied it, then trimmed it out to a circle and cut the slit. But it wasn't until later I realized I had goofed.

How so? I have to add a ruffle to the outer edge.

Stay tuned.


jovaliquilts said...

Eek!! Well, it looks fine without the ruffle, but if you really want one, I'm looking forward to how you attach it. Stitch it onto a bias strip that you then stitch onto the skirt?

belinda said...

must have been all that rich food you probable ate yesterday....gave you foggy brain!'s cute anyway!

Millie said...

Well, there isn't any way to add the ruffle that doesn't involve futzing around, so I am just going to take it apart and do it right.

Belinda, however, is 100% accurate. Too much rich food and a foggy brain!

Sarah said...

it's pretty! maybe some red pom pom fringe instead?

Millie said...

No pom poms. I'm going to add the ruffle.

I have a cat, and the cat doesn't need any more temptation to destroy the tree, decorations, or packages under it.

Tine said...

It looks so great! I'm sorry you goofed, I hate it when that happens to me :( Which is much too often!
I like it without the ruffle, and I like the suggestion of a pompom-ribbon.
The ruffles are great and very Christmas-sy though!