Saturday, November 1, 2008

More Stashbusting Gizzy Quilts

This Autumn-colored one is the prize in a raffle. You can click here to buy a ticket.

These next two are going to a couple of cats in Texas.

I'm not a fan of browns or beiges, but I really like this one. You can click the pictures to enlarge.


jovaliquilts said...

These are really cute! What a great fundraiser for animal shelter, too.

Do you suppose that cats who have their own quilt would not get on people quilts???

ML said...

I haf mine own Gizzy Quilt an I also haf all mine beans quilts. Sometimes I puts mine Gizzy Quilt on tha Beans Quilts an use 'em all.
It jus be a cat fing.
Love and Purrs,

Mr. Karate said...

well i am a BIG FAN of the way you put together the browns and creams in that last one.

big fan.

as in WANT.