Thursday, September 4, 2008

What I've Been Doing

These are the quilts I have been working on while making the Bento Box blocks as leaders and enders.

This one is on its way to Vienna, Austria for a little boy. Each block has something interesting for him to look at. There are spiderwebs, letters, dinosaurs, lizards, frogs, butterflies, cats, dragons, toucans and fish. There are trains and apples, and tomatoes. It's 4' by 6'.Here's the back. The circus was its own panel, and I added the red, yellow and blue to make the backing bigger.
This is one of two baby quilts (3' x 4') for twins born on July 4th. Their mother is a huge baseball fan.
This is the second one.
And here are last night's Bento Box blocks, made as leaders and enders while I assembled the second RWB quilt. I have now sewn together 38 of these blocks. I only need 34 more.


Joyce said...

Beautiful and interesting quilts.
You are going to have enough bento boxes to cover your house, never mind the bed. Lol.

susan said...

lovely quilts. can i be stupid, what are headers and enders? i love that you have an area marked out on the floor for size. do you leave it there, do you have other sizes or is this for each quilt?
awesome idea