Tuesday, September 30, 2008


My camera's CF card had a coronary, and I will have to reformat it. In the meantime, this overexposed picture is all I have to show for tonight's work, the letters "D" and "E".

I do not like the orange uppercase "D" with the black background. I made three of them, and I have to make another. It is too narrow and shapeless. The upper case "C's" need more character.

Actually, I like all the lower case letters better than the upper case ones.

Several of you commented that you prefer the letters with the white background because they are easier to read. It's because there is more contrast in value (light/dark). But look again. The pink A and yellow E stand out better against the black. Much stronger light/dark contrast, but also a strong contrast in intensity.


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

you're making great progress. if you don't have a plan for all those "reject" letters, hope you'll send them my way. We have such different ways of working. you like things to look the way you want them and keep working for it while I usually shrug and keep going. At the rate you're going I think you could make two or three samplers!

Clare said...

I like the pink and yellow on the black. I think dark colours, like the purple, need a light background to thow them out, but then again I a sucker for jet black!

belinda said...

hey...why not throw in some stars and maybe a teacup......A B C...let's have tea!!

Millie said...

ABC, let's have Tea! Belinda, that suggestion is GENIUS!

I love it!