Monday, July 28, 2008

Sign Me Up

This fabric was always going to be the backing for Violette's quilt. I love the way it looks like a kaleidoscope.

Having done all the letters on the front, I decided to make a signature for the back. These letters are about 3" high, finished, and this strip is about 60" long.It reads, "Made by Auntie Lynne 2008"As I have mentioned before, I do not use filling in my quilts, and I don't quilt them. I tie them. this makes for a very lightweight quilt that washes like a dream.I fold the backing over to the front to make a self-binding. I cut the backing 6" larger all around, then fold it over until the raw edges of front and back touch, then fold over again to make a 2" border all around. this way the binding isn't thin or flimsy. I miter the corners, and machine stitch all around.

Tomorrow, the finished quilt.


Joyce said...

It looks beautiful. I have always been planning to try that kind of binding but always forget and trim the backing. Maybe next time. It seems a lot easier that all that hand sewing at the end.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

ooh, love your name and year! tied, no batting, I'd call that a summer spread. What do you use to make the ties? I've used embroidery floss and had problems with the knots (always tie square/surgeon knots) slipping out.

Millie said...


I use crochet cotton. The knots stay tied. Forever. My grandmother made us all quilts this way in the 60's, and 40+ years later, the knots are still tied tight.

In our family, we put these over the top sheet on the bed, and this combination is perfect in summer. In the winter, we add a blanket on top.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

excellent, I will have to get myself some of that. thanks, Lynne.