Thursday, June 12, 2008

Doll Quilt Swap

I've decided to participate in the Doll Quilt Swap.

I will be making a small quilt, no larger than a Gizzy Quilt, for my swap partner. Somebody will be making a quilt for me. This post is to elaborate some of the things I like, so it's easier for the maker of my quilt to know what I like. What's fun, is that it's all secret. Sort of like a Secret Santa.

I love bright colors. This is the wall of my bathroom, along with a bit of an oil painting I love. The walls are Cadmium Yellow, but most folks won't know what that means. When I say they are "school bus yellow, " however, EVERYBODY knows which yellow.
I keep homemade granola in this colorful crock. My cutting boards are behind it.
I inherited my grandmother's mahogany dining room table. I painted a canvas floor cloth to protect it. Again, more very bright colors. And I love black and white checkerboards.
Is it a wonder I have Fiestaware dishes?
And I loved my black and white cats, Jasmine and Gizzy. Both are gone now, andnow my companion is Millie, another tuxedo cat, shown here with her quilt on my pink desk.As you can see, I love color, and do not like browns, beiges, taupes, or muddy or dull colors. I love black and white. I love abstract designs. I love fun. I love wonky.

I have arthritis in my sewing hand, so hand sewing is something I rarely do. So no appliqué for me. No hand quilting, no beading, no embroidery. I simply can't hold a needle for very long. That doesn't mean I wouldn't appreciate any of those things. If you are my Doll Swap Partner, make me a quilt YOU would be proud to display!


susan said...

i love your bright colors and of course you love fiesta ware!! hehe
i have been buying fabrics lately that you would love. lots of brights and b &w's!

Anonymous said...

Fiesta dishes are perfect since we as quilters are all about color! That's about all I use now. Love my quilts! Love my Fiesta!

SinlessTouch said...

Great quilts, the colors are bright and pleasant to the eyes. Also, I love your cats! they're such cute and cuddly love dolls.