Friday, September 14, 2012

Kiss My Asterisk!

 (Sorry, I have a hard time resisting temptation.)  These asterisks are only 4" (10.16 cm) across.

Asterisk stars (or flowers) aren't hard to make, but they can be a bit time consuming.  Make one to see how it works, then when you make more, make several at the same time.

To make an asterisk / flower, sew a 4-1/2"wide piece of your asterisk / flower fabric between two 2-1/2" strips of background fabric.You'll need a 6 inch  (15.24cm) square of background fabric and a small scrap of another color for the center.

If you want your asterisk / flower a different size, that's easy.  Just add 1/2" to the size you want, and cut the flower fabric that wide.  If you want a 3" flower, cut the fabric 3-1/2". If you want it 2-1/2" across, cut the fabric 3" wide. If you want it 5" across, cut it 5-1/2". For larger flowers, you might want to increase the size of the square (background) a bit.  It's up to you.
 Cut the flower fabric into strips 1" wide.
 Slice the square in half diagonally.

 Sew one of the flower strips along a diagonal,edge of the background piece, making sure both are centered.  Press the seam toward the triangle.

 Sew the other white triangle to the other edge of the flower. Press away from the flower fabric.
 Cut the block in half diagonally, across the flower piece.
Sew another flower strip between the two triangle pieces. Press the seams away from the center.  You will also have to trim some bulky seams away.  Sew the other triangle to make an "X."
 Slice the block in half. (This is a good time to trim some of those floppy triangles in the seam allowance on the back.)
 As seen in these two photos, sew another flower strip.
 If you want to make a two-toned flower, now is the time to add the second fabric. Then sew the other half of the flower to it.
Now you have to add the center of the flower. Cut the block in half (again!)
The best way to figure out what the center color should be is to hold an audition.

 I just cut a tiny piece of various fabrics to try them out. This purple is too dark.

 This green looks nice.
 This yelllow doesn't look right.  You want to be careful about very light centers.  Sometimes they can read as "holes."
 I don't think there is enough contrast in value between the red and the dark violet flower fabric.
This could be okay, but it really doesn't do anything for me.

Cut the last flower strip in half and insert a one inch wide strip of whatever center fabric you choose.

 Press to the center.
Sew in place.

Sew the two halves of the flower together.  Press these last two seams toward the center of the block.  This way there's less bulk.
The finished asterisk flower.
Here's another.
Don't worry if your asterisk flower comes out crooked.  Asymmetrical flowers have a certain charm.

You can make the "petals" of the flower longer, or wider, but be advised there are a LOT of seams and the center of the flower gets very bulky.  You won't be able to hand quilt these.  Still, I think they look great, are a lot of fun and add a lot of pizzazz.


Judy in Michigan said...

Thank you!!!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Excellent tutorial - great photos!


Elaine M said...

So cute. Thanks for the tutorial.

Queenie Believe said...

These asterick flowers are wonderful!!! I will definitely put them on my quilty todo list.
Your post title cracks me up, rather cheeky me thinks... -lol-
Have a wonderful weekend.
Always, Queenie