Monday, July 11, 2011

EE-Easy Peasey!

E's are easy. Three horizontal strips sewn together with background strips in between, then a vertical strip sewn to the left. You can make the middle bar a bit shorter than the other two, as in this red E.Or you can make them all the same length, as in this green one.I prefer the middle bar a bit shorter. In this white E, the strips finish out at 1/2".
For this orange E, I've cut all my strips 1-1/4" wide. I've sewn a bit of background fabric to the short side of an orange strip for the middle bar, and sewn a strip of background fabric to the long side of two strips.I trimmed the middle bar down to 1 inch (so it will be 1/2" wide when sewn) , and trimmed the background fabric of the other two bars to 3/4". This way the background strips will be 1/2".

Then I sewed the middle bar to the background fabric of each of the other two bars, then added the vertical piece to the left side. You can click the photos, and then click again to enlarge and see more detail. This is easier to do than to describe.You do have to be careful how thick you make the horizontal "bars" and how much space you give your background fabric. E is one of those letters that must be trimmed carefully. It needs five "units" for height, and then you add seam allowances to the top and bottom.

You can make the E as a w-i-d-e as you want, like the orange and red ones, or narrow one like the white and green ones, but you must be very careful how tall you make it, if you want it to fit with the other letters.

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