Thursday, August 10, 2017

Barns in AQS!

It's amazing to think it has been almost three years since I was asked to become a member of the SSOBB, (Secret Society of Barn Builders.) One of my quilts inspired Julie to start making free pieced barns, but I never made a barn until Julie asked me to, in late 2014.

I knew right away which barn I would make, the one across the street from Quilted Threads, in Henniker NH. Little did I know how famous the SSOBB would become, and how sought after the barn quilts would be.

You can see photos of all the barns the SSOBB made in the September issue of American Quilter magazine. Mine are at the top of page 83.


Quiltdivajulie said...

YES!! AND if your readers would like to read the SSOBB makers' stories BEHIND the barn quilts in the magazine, they can visit the BUILD A BARN blog and scroll through links for the SSOBB including the various blog hop posts -

Ann said...

Wow. I'd forgotten to download the latest issue. What a treat! I scanned it but am looking forward to reading deeply this weekend. Congratulations.