Monday, July 31, 2017

The New Bird

Sunday I did some housekeeping and attended a birthday party. After making dinner I went into the studio to make a bird. But what should be the inspiration for this one? As I scrolled through my pictures, I came to this photo, I laughed, and knew it was as good an inspiration as any other.

Yeah, I made a barn bird.

I sent a photo to my brother and his wife (let's stop this nonsense right now. They will henceforth be known as their initials, P&J), and my brother texted back, "You should see the barn in the snow."

Now, I don't know what that has to do with anything bird and quilt, but I replied, "Send me a picture."

I don't get it either, but I love my brother and he always has had a very good sense of humor.

Which reminds me.

One of my readers, Mary, sent me this note earlier:

"In Spanish, el carpintero = the carpenter / woodpecker. Google Translate currently uses the phrase 'pájaro carpintero' [carpenter bird] for woodpecker.

"Now, take another look at the bird with the wooden bill you created to represent your brother.  How cool is that... linguistically, with a double meaning in Spanish, as well as artistically!"

Too funny! I can see my brother's eyes rolling right now!

If you are interested in making these free pieced birds to represent your friends or family members, please check out my tutorial for making them at my Etsy shop, here. The tutorial explains everything you ever wanted to know about making these blocks.


Pat said...

LOL - I knew it was a barn bird before I saw the first word of your text. Is there a snow bird in this quilt's future?

Millie said...

Hi Pat! Dunno about a snow bird. The quilt will have a white background so I don't know how well a snow bird would show up. Love the idea though.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I thought about a snowy bird, too -- perhaps it could be the color of the snow-covered truck (dark blue with white speckles?). Or maybe a shadow of a bird in the white background like you did the FUN blocks in my quilt?

Millie said...

Good ideas. Those could work. Thanks.

Ann said...

I so admire your fabric. Your bird pattern is the most delightful one I've seen. Love it more every time you make a block.

Mary Howland said...

How about a Snowy Owl?

Millie said...

Ann, thank you. I have a blog page devoted to my stash that explains why I buy the fabric that I do. You can be very creative if you have a good stash.

Mary, you and others have suggested that. I'm thinking, but basically I want him to show up on the background. Keep watching, and thanks for reading.

(Millie is the cat)

suzanprincess said...

You could have the easiest bird block ever--just the white-speckled dark legs! Seriously, if anyone can come up with a snow bird that shows up on the white--or other color?--background, it's you!

suzanprincess said...

p.s. And isn't a snow bird what your brother was hinting for, or more likely challenging you with, sending that photo in reply to your barn bird pic?

ckrut said...

Maybe when your brother saw the background of the barn bird, he thought of the snow swirling around. I know I'm late to the "party". Just getting through all the blogs I follow after having been away from the computer a few days. Loving the birds. I've already bought the pattern and these really make we want to get started. Now if I could just come up with something for inspiration. Maybe I need to look through my camera.