Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Four More

There's no rhyme or reason to these. I just look at the fabrics, pair up some I think look good and go to it.

I'm wicked busy lately, and really haven't been giving this the attention it really needs, but I've been holding back because I'm concerned a strictly black and white quilt with large blocks will be too severe.  (OK, that's my artist's insecurities showing.) I know I can pull it off, but I am not sure I have quite enough fabrics to do so.

At any rate, I've cooked up what I think is a great idea to lift idea from "normal" to sublime. Now we'll just have to see if what happens in fabric matches the vision in my head.

Stay tuned.


Tine said...

They look great. I like seeing how the same print can be either the black, or the white in your block. It would cause me headaches when reassembling the blocks after slicing, but I am sure, it'll look fantastic!

Pat said...

I have absolute faith in your ability to pull off whatever is in your head. :D

lindaroo said...

What? You have "artist's insecurities?" Of course you do, and thank you for saying so. Even when you show us your process, and how you adjust plans along the way, I forget that it isn't always all confidence, all the time.