Friday, August 7, 2015

AQS Thoughts

When I told my Mom I had a quilt in an AQS show, she was surprised. "You're in a NATIONAL SHOW?" she asked.

Um yeah, and this is my fourth AQS show, I told her.


So we drove six hours to Syracuse to see my quilt in the show, and the whole AQS experience. I confess I didn't "get it" until I walked into the Oncenter and saw my quilt hanging in great company.

 I was almost embarrassed to tell my Mom I had been accepted into two other AQS shows.

The Black and White Crayons are going to AQS in Chattanooga and AQS Des Moines.

Then my Mom says to me... "Where is the next show?"

"Grand Rapids Michigan."

"Are you in that one?"


"Why not?"

"I missed the deadline to enter."

"When's the next one you're in?

"Chattanooga Tennessee."

"Oh," her voice fell. "That's far. We can't drive to that. Where are the others?"

"Phoenix Arizona, Daytona Florida, Lancaster Pennsylvania, and Paducah Kentucky."

"I guess we're not going to any of those."

"Well we sure as hell aren't driving! Six hours and my butt hurts! We'll see."

"How do you get to Chattanooga?"

"You have to fly."

"Oh. I guess we won't be going to that one either," she paused. "Are there any other quilt shows you can enter?"


Apparently I still don't get it.


(update: sorry Judy. My geography isn't good when I'm trying to do two things at once. I was watching the first episode of Project Runway Season 14 while writing this post!)


Beatrice said...

Love your conversations! I can't drive to the AQS shows either... I live them through your blog (and I get to follow along the "quilts in progress" too, which I love!).

sharon said...

We drive to Lancaster - its do-able from Massachusetts in about 5-6 hours. We have even driven to Paducah but that's a two day drive. TN is 2 days also - that's with a long push the 1st day....but we like to take car trips.

Judy in Michigan said...

Grand Rapids, MICHIGAN!! You can fly right to Grand Rapids = it's a beautiful city. You'll love it!! Enjoyed the conversation with your mom. Thanks.

Rebecca said...

Oh so neat with your Mom... Brings back some very happy memories and quilt trips with my MIL...

Susie Neff said...

Yes, what Judy said. Grand Rapids, MI would be a wonderful place to come. I'm a cat loving pretend quilter (I made one flimsy & still think about getting it finished), but I follow you and Milly religiously!

Kazoo Sue

Quiltdivajulie said...

Awesome post!!!

joe tulips said...

Another one in Des Moines! Will you want a pin?