Saturday, November 8, 2014

Not Me

This "chandelier" was hanging in my dining room when I bought the house.
I am sure the previous owner thought it was "cute" and "charming," but I don't. I can't stand the thing. I hate "cute," and I do not like "shabby chic" either.  For that matter, I don't like ruffles, or lace or anything "frou frou."

This fixture over the kitchen sink is neither "cute" nor "charming" but was just as bad.

Even before I moved in, I bought a new chandelier. Yesterday, the electrician came over to install it. I've since lowered it about four inches.

and the fixture over the kitchen sink got replaced too.

I am a very happy camper!


Jennifer said...

they both look great, and just what I would imagine that yyou'd pick!

Quiltdivajulie said...

HUGE improvement . . . WOOT!!!!!

Pat said...

Much better! Take that chandilier to Goodwill. Someone will spray paint it pink and put it in a little girl's room and everyone will be happy as a clam. :-)

Michelle said...

Those look so much better! I like cute and shabby chic, but that fixture was just weird. Were the flowers part of it?

NeverBored said...

The pictures of your light fixtures brought back memories: our first house had the same circular fluorescent kitchen light and our last house had a very similar floral chandelier over the kitchen table. I hated them both as much as you disliked yours. Glad neither of us has to live with them any longer!

Megan said...

Putting your own stamp on the place Lynne - fabulous!

Sydney, Australia