Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fall House Tops 9, 10, 11, 12

I finished four more blocks yesterday.

 I have no particular plan in how I arrange the fabrics in these blocks.

 I only try to vary the pattern, color and scale of the fabrics.

The biggest rule is to try to avoid BLOBS (which are any place where there is TOO much of the same thing in one spot. Too much dark, too much BRIGHT, too much BUSY.)

Hah!  Look at the upper right hand corner of this block. I goofed, but so what?

By the way, all these fabrics came from my stash. Some of these are years and years old, some come from fat quarters I've picked up over time, some were given to me by my friends, and if you can believe it, at least two are my absolute FAVORITE fabrics.

You know what I say, "It's only fabric, it isn't GOLD, and it isn't doing you any good on the shelf."

What are you keeping it for? If you leave this earth before you use all your favorite stuff, do you want it to go in the trash or donated to some careless quilter? Use it, or lose it.


Pat said...

Besides, if you use it, then you can buy more. lol Your fall color top is coming out very nicely.

Quiltdivajulie said...

You got it -- use it or lose it . . .

I also like the phrase "do more of what makes you happy"

The blocks are looking GOOD!

Kathy said...

So true! I love using favorite fabrics- then I get to feel a special happy when I see them in a quilt or project.