Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I did not make this quilt. Valerie from Nova Scotia did. She has been reading my blog for a while and wrote me the most wonderful letter telling me how much I inspire her.

It made my day, week, month, let me tell you. I blog in the privacy of my own home, and often forget there are lots of readers out there who read every word.

I'll include more of Valerie's letter tomorrow, but one of the things she wrote was "Because you blog I am challenged to try new things. I can make letters and can build cows, dogs and even motorcycles."

This quilt is wonderful, happy and fun. I love what Valerie did with the off center borders, love the dog, the houses, the placement of the hearts... I love the whole thing. Well done!

Thank YOU Valerie, for letting me know the hours I spend in front of the computer sharing everything really matters.


quiltergirl said...

And Val has promised to teach me how to make letters. She quilts outside the box and I love it. So now I must follow your blog too.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Just wonderful!!!!!

Jean said...

It's nice that she wrote to tell you! I love your creativity with free piecing "things" as well as letters! (especially birds!)