Saturday, June 22, 2013

Houses and Trees, Oh My!

My class at Quilted Threads was small, only four ladies, but they worked hard, asked good questions and did some great work.

This is Sharon's finished panel.
I love the fabric Sharon chose for the body of the house, and her mailbox is absolutely divine!

This is Sue's panel:
Sue wanted a house in the winter. She had forgotten a box of tools and fabrics at home, so we all lent her whatever she needed.

This is Lori's house.
Lori used vivid fabrics for her house, and then asked for help to choose the background. We brought several bolts of fabric to the classroom to try them all out and she selected this large print. I think it's terrific.

This is Kiersten's house.
Kiersten fixed the tree on the right (added some background fabric under the branches, then added another tree to the left of it. Later she will add stairs in front of the door.

The ladies asked very good questions, and kept me on my toes the whole day. They never settled for "the usual", but kept pushing ideas around until they got the results they wanted.

We all had a great day!


Michele Bilyeu said...

Wonderful! Great students and an amazingly talented teacher!

Lori R said...

Love the little houses. If I was there, I'd put kitties in my windows too.

While you were building houses, I was in a two day workshop with Rayna Gillman. Check out

Cher said...

very fun blocks! small classes are such fun, very creative group!

Dee W said...

I have to agree - I love a smaller more person class. I want to talk to the teacher, here her input. I took a class one time though, the teacher told me afterwards if she'd have had time she'd have talked me out of my choice of fabrics. She was totally blown away with how good my piece looked!