Friday, December 30, 2011

Border Wars

That's an exaggeration, of course.  It was more like Border Auditions.  I always knew I wanted a blue around the edges of the Four Seasons quilt, to make you think of the sky that is common all over the world.  So here is the blue.  Lovely color, lovely fabric, but it's definitely lacking something.
My good friend Julie suggested a thin inner border of a darker blue.
 That didn't do anything for me either.  I thought, "It needs a purple inner border."
So I tried a reddish violet, and immediately liked the way it looked.
Here is what it will look like.  I am thinking the skinny border may be about a half inch wide, and the outer blue will be about 3-1/2" or so.  I haven't sewn anything down yet, I've just laid the strips around the flimsy to see.  Looks like I will finish this flimsy before New Year's!


quilthexle said...

Oh yes, border choices ... it can be soooo hard !!! I love what you picked, and I totally agree, that thin inner border makes the qult sing. Happy New Year !!!

Pierro said...

really very cute!!!
I like the color choices, and especially the skinny border.

Our mom is still doing tiny quilts but hopefully in this new year we can urge her to focus longer and complete something larger.

big bonks for a Happy New Year

Quiltdivajulie said...

Definitely a YES and a keeper!!

Elaine M said...

Love the thin red-wine border. The quilt is great with the different colored trees and cats peeking out. Happy New Year!

VeeV said...

i LOVE your houses and trees...
...oh....and i love millie..

Susanne (flicKwerk) said...

love your houses and trees, the darker inner border makes the quilt sing! Happy new year to you an Millie!