Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thinking of Spring

Here are the fabrics I pulled for my Spring Wonky House and Tree panel. In Spring (at least here in New England) the leaves aren't fully out until late May, and they are not yet bright green. There are flowering trees (which are the ones with pink).  The grass isn't quite green but there are flowers popping up.  Often the weather is rainy, so the sky in my spring panel is creamy, with a pattern indicating the spring breezes.
When I selected the fabric for the house, I was thinking "what color reminds me of Spring, but isn't necessarily something I see out the window?" Easter  and Easter eggs came to my mind, so I chose this  lavender striped fabric.  For the windows, I needed something dark for contrast. The darker purple was an obvious choice.  Then to find a couple of little cats to give the little sense of home.
And here is the overall layout of how I planned to use them.  I did make a few changes in the finished panel, but that's what happens.

BTW, I called these large blocks "panels" instead of blocks because they are comprised of different elements.  Each tree is a block, (like this cat under the tree), the house is a block, and then when all the blocks are put together, I have a big collection of blocks, and I refer to it as a "panel." This quilt will be comprised of four panels, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.


Judy in Michigan said...

You are on a roll Lynne! Great ideas and reasons for colors. Thanks!!

Terri said...

Cute kitten! Love the colors you have chosen, too.

Jean said...

Pretty fabrics...these will be very cute houses!

Wiktoria said...

Strasznie mi się podobają pomysły i rysunki.Pozdrawiam