Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Y Me?

The letter "Y" is nothing more than a short "V" on a stick.  But I can never seem to line up the top and the bottom perfectly, which really annoys me.
 I try to line them up perfectly but they always come out a little off. So now I just say the heck with it.
Go ahead, laugh. Have some fun at my expense. I deserve it.
You can have some fun with the "Y", of course!


Clare said...

I have the some problem!

I've developed my own lower case y though. I just may do a tutorial if I can remember how I do it!

Millie said...

Well Clare, you have to send me a picture so I can see!

The Selvage Fairy said...

Is it cheating to sew first, then trim the seam allowanceto 1/4"?

Millie said...

Dear SF, of course not!

Jean said...

Love the Y! Mine is a touch off too!