Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why You Shouldn't Trim Too Soon

I keep telling you not to trim your letters until you start sewing them together.  Sometimes you get a letter that's smaller than the rest, and if you've made the other letters big enough, you can trim them down a bit after you've sewn them together.
 But once you've made a letter TOO small, it gets tricky to fit it in. Either you have to trim all the letters around it smaller (which is risky and dangerous) or you have to add some fabric to make the letter bigger, and since you need to allow for the extra fabric in the seam allowance, this can get bulky really fast.

The most important thing about joining letters together is the space between each letter should be, visually, about the same area. So the space between the K and the L here is about equal to the space between the L and the M. But the space between the M and the N is too small, and looks a bit cramped.  (It's called Kerning, and you can read about it here.)

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