Friday, September 16, 2011

The Big W

The letter "W" is the the w-i-d-e-s-t letter you will make.  It simply takes more space, and you have to let it. Don't try to compress it, or it will be very tricky to make, and very hard to read.

 The "W" is nothing more than two "V"s next to each other.

 It's easy to make two "V"s.
Joining them together into a "W" is tricky, I'll admit, and it's worth the effort.
 Sew up your "W" and then set a ruler across it to determine how high the letter should be and where to trim it. I use a ruler set on top of my letters like this to determine how big all my letters should be.


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Jean said...

Love the W and V, hope to get caught up this weekend!